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Leaks surfaced yesterday regarding info for both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The leaks included prices, release dates, and some specs for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In addition, for the first time, we’ve seen images of what the Xbox Series S will even look like.

Thanks to the leaked advertisement, Microsoft decided to steer into the skid and made the information regarding the Xbox Series S official.

It’s not 100% obvious in the image in the tweet, but the Xbox Series S is teeny tiny, coming in at 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S does not have a disk tray, which seems appealing at first. However, the SSD within is only 512 GB. It’s possible that the Series S will allow for expanded storage, as the past two Xbox consoles have expanded storage options.

Even though the SSD is small, it will reportedly provide fast load times and seamless switching between games. It will render at a target of 1440p with 120fps. We’ll have to wait until the officially-official reveal to see if WalkingCat’s information is correct.

One thing that is correct from his leak is the price of $299, which seems like a lot for the small storage.

Xbox Series X price and release date

According to another leaked report, the Xbox Series X will release on November 10 for $499. The Xbox Series S will also release on the same date.

Basically, the Xbox Series X is the next-gen answer to the Xbox One X. If you want to run a 4K resolution at a minimum of 60fps, then this is your machine.

However, what’s really interesting from this Windows Central leak is that Microsoft will offer Xbox All Access financing for both of these consoles. The Xbox Series S will come in at around $25 a month with the Xbox Series X at $35 per month.

We’ll know more for certain at Microsoft’s reveal later this month. This all appears to be pretty legit, but don’t let leaks and alleged reports set your expectations. Daily Esports will stay on top of this news as it happens.