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A number of Xbox Series X controller leaks have surfaced over the last week, but now we have one that may have leaked the Xbox Series X release date as well.

An alleged picture of a controller was sent to The Verge’s Tom Warren, who kindly shared it in turn. On the controller box, a sticker saying: “DO NOT SELL OR DISPLAY BEFORE November 6, 2020” sits rather prominently across the packaging.

In addition, a Resetera post with an unboxing video for the controller includes the controller warranty info. Evidently the Microsoft Limited Warranty expires on November 5, 2021, almost one year to date after the alleged Xbox Series X release date. Microsoft warranties typically cover one year, which seems to cement a November 6 date.

However, there’s another monkey wrench to throw in. A Microsoft Store listing for Yakuza: Like a Dragon has a launch date of November 12. Microsoft has previously said that Yakuza would be a “day one” launch for the Xbox Series X. With this info, there are a couple of possibilities for the date discrepancy.

For one, it is possible that the controller will release before the console. It’s not probable, per se, but it’s always possible. Another possibility is that Yakuza is not “day one,” but is instead a “launch window” title. Remember when the PlayStation 4 was going to have a slew of day one titles, but instead only had a few and the rest were moved to a launch window? Perhaps this is the case as well. Ignore the fact that the game is already out for the Xbox One. Ignore that it shouldn’t take additional time to bring it to the Xbox Series X. Your arguments there are completely invalid.

Regardless, we already know for sure that the Xbox Series X will release in November (but flagship title Halo Infinite won’t). Now it’s a matter of pinpointing that exact date, whether it’s November 6 or November 12.

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