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VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2: Reykjavík participants X10 used an illegal Cypher camera in a match against Galaxy Racer during the Southeast Asia Challenger Playoffs on Aug. 13.

X10 was on match point against Galaxy Racer when they pulled out the illegal Cypher camera placement on Breeze. Before the game, the teams had been made aware of the camera and that it could not be used during official matches. The fact that the camera placement was known before being used by X10 was what ultimately led to a forfeited match.

“It has been determined that X10 Esports utilized a known banned one-way Cypher cam on A site Breeze,” Riot Games said in a statement to Upcomer. “This is considered an exploit as enemies are not able to destroy the camera while being in its sight as the camera can see through a piece of overhanging texture outside the cave/tunnel.”

After using the camera, X10 would go on to win the round and map against Galaxy Racer with a round score of 13-11. Shortly after winning Breeze, X10 would go on to beat Galaxy Racer 13-8 on Ascent to win the series 2-0. However, with the illegal Cypher camera discovery, VCT officials would declare the map in favor of Galaxy Racer 13-10.

X10 loses group point with Cypher camera

Due to the Cypher camera, the series finished 1-1 with each team receiving one point in their group. Unlike other regions, the SEA region has a group stage before playoffs to potentially make it to Berlin. X10 was the only team from SEA to qualify for VCT Masters 2: Berlin and represent the region. Without that extra point, X10 could potentially miss the playoffs.

The illegal Cypher camera placement on A site on Breeze
The illegal Cypher camera placement on A site on Breeze. | Provided by Riot Games

“The VALORANT Competitive Operations Team have aligned on the following; X10 Esports violated Rule 7.2.6 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy. Effective immediately the record of Map 1 has been adjusted to be 13-10 in favor of Galaxy Racer. This adjustment will result in a series score of 1-1, granting each team 1 group point,” Riot Games said.

There are still plenty of matches in the SEA Challenger Playoffs before spots at Berlin are determined. However, fans could see X10 missing out due to their illegal use of a Cypher camera.