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The Apex Legends community recently circulated a leak regarding the World’s Edge map and a possible night variant. Though the information was unconfirmed, as always, the leak did appear fairly legitimate. Many players took the rumor seriously and began spreading the leaked image of the night map around social media. The thought behind this is if Kings Canyon received a night variant, why shouldn’t World’s Edge? While that’s a sound line of thinking, Apex Legends data-miners have come forward and debunked the leaked image. Though, this doesn’t mean a night map isn’t in the works by Respawn Entertainment.

World’s Edge not receiving a night map

As with most fake leaks, the image that was circulating social media was possibly a bug on World’s Edge. Perhaps it was derived from the night version of Kings Canyon or a simple lighting glitch. However, there’s also the possibility that the image was simply a fanmade concept.

When the bugged image/concept was making the rounds on socials, a couple of Apex Legends data-miners stepped forward to put a stop to the nonsense. One of these miners was @Biast12, who quickly proved the picture was indeed a falsification.

Looking at the image above, it really does look like a night version of World’s Edge. However, as Biast12 points out, there’s nothing in the game files to back up this theory. Other data-miners agree with Biast12’s take, so it seems that this was either a fake or obscure bug in Apex Legends.

As previously mentioned, World’s Edge could very well have a night version in the works at Respawn. Just because this leaked image is fake doesn’t disclude the possibility of the map getting a dark makeover. Although, that seems like an unlikely addition to expect within the upcoming weeks/months, especially if a new map is entering the fold in Season 6.

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