Worlds Collide: Fortnite Season 5 begins tomorrow, final teaser revealed

Worlds Collide: Fortnite Season 5 begins tomorrow, final teaser revealed

The final teaser for Season 5 of Fortnite is now live, one day before the season’s official launch. According to Epic Games, the tagline is “Worlds Collide.” This is the third image shown this week. First, players saw an image of some sort of mask. Users commented this resembles either a Japanese mask or the face of Egyptian cat-god Bastet. Yesterday, a second teaser showed a Norse ax. All three images tease at the temporal rifts that are appearing in-game.

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 Worlds Collide tomorrow in Fortnite Season 5

All signs point to the upcoming season focusing on a historical theme. However, the “worlds” that Epic is referring to remain unknown. We have already seen an overlap with the in-game Fortnite island and our world, as items such as the Durr Burger and Loot Llamas are spotted across the globe.

With less than 24 hours remaining, players are eager for any new information. Rumors abound, including reportedly fake datamines and leaks from otherwise consistent sources. Supposedly, a leak of the map last week implied a wide-spread desert biome. This, however, turned out to be a repackaging of the in-game textures.

Fortunately for fans who prefer a surprise, it seems Epic is successfully keeping the final secrets tightly under wraps. Tomorrow, we will likely see an introductory cinematic, like the one that revealed the meteor impact before Season 4. What this cinematic entails, however, remains a mystery.

What are your predictions for the highly-anticipated Season 5?