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Fortnite pro player Charlie “Maage” Sykes has accused 21-year-old Twitch streamer Britney “briloll” Irving of sending him nude photos and sexual messages. Before you ask what the big deal is, Maage is only 15. He claims he was told to expose her as a predator, which he did on Twitter.


Sports groupies are nothing new when it comes to professional players, albeit pro players of traditional sports are typically over the age of 18. Most Fortnite professional gamers are underage, and predator groupies are unfortunately not new for the scene. Maage going public with this most likely won’t discourage future inappropriate behavior, but it appears that he shut down any future streaming career she had.

In the second tweet, Maage claims brillol was talking to an organization about signing her as a streamer. He strongly implicates that that’s the reason why he’s exposing her at all, to deny her a professional career in gaming. Many people, including briloll, are accusing him of doing this just to raise his own clout as he stomps on hers.

Maage Fortnite predator
Image from newpakweb

And the comments come rolling in

The reactions to Maage’s allegations have been about what one would expect on the internet these days. Many people, including pro players who were also preyed upon by esports predators, have shown their support. One tweet backed Maage up, saying, “Bro I told you from the start she had some pedo fetish.”

And of course, several comments are less than kind. They range from accusing him of being gay (because that matters?), provoking the situation, and outright lying. Plenty of others mock the idea that a teenager would have an issue with nude photos.

Shortly after Maage came forward, briloll blocked anyone on Twitter who asked her about the situation. It wasn’t much longer before she shut down all of her social media accounts, including her Twitch channel. She has since written a response via TwitLonger to explain her side of the story. The abbreviated version is that the two were friends, and she says he confessed his feelings for her before things spiraled downhill. She did insist that Maage did nothing wrong and that she will be seeing a doctor about her mental health.

Briloll isn’t the first person who allegedly hit on an underage Fortnite player such as Maage, and she won’t be the last predator either.