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Razer has today launched its Wolverine V2 controller, specially designed for Xbox Series X. It’s a snazzy new upgrade on the Wolverine controller and also works with Windows and Xbox One. We got our hands on the Wolverine V2 to you give you all the ins and outs on day one of its release.

Wolverine V2 Wired Controller

First thing to note about the Wolverine V2 is it’s wired. Now that could potentially be a deal breaker for some people. Especially if you’re looking to reduce your caballing by going all wireless. If you want superior, low latency, high-tactile performance gaming, then you’re stuck with the wire. However, it is a little beefy, especially with the extra adapter attached. It’s not the end of the world, though, and you’ll get a whole lot of perks instead.

Perk number one, great gaming feel. Like the Razer Raiju, the Wolverine V2 has Razer’s Mecha-Tactile Buttons. It also comes with the and Mecha-Tactile D-Pad. What do these big fancy words mean? Well it just feels like when you’re playing. I especially like the “clicky-ness” of the buttons. They have a really nice sound to them and they feel great while gaming.

Size and comfort

Perk number two, comfort! The Wolverine V2 is comfortable and easy to use. Since it’s wireless, it’s lighter than a normal Xbox controller which would require a battery. The soft, grippy sides make it fun to game all night long. I don’t know about you but on a hot night my hands can get mighty sweaty on a standard Xbox controller. The rubber sides on the Wolverine V2 are comfort and stop my hands from slipping out when I get a bit excited. The rubber stretches from the back right around to the front of the controller giving your whole hand a good grip. This is where the Wolverine V2 really got an upgrade from the original Wolverine. What can I say, grip is really important when gaming!

In terms of profile and footprint, the Wolverine V2 is pretty much the same size as an Xbox controller. So if you were worried about sizing, then there’s no need. It’s simply lighter than the Xbox Controller without the added battery weight. Oh and it has rumble too, for all your haptic feedback needs.

The Wolverine V2 is fairly standard size. Here it is (top left) compared with Razer Raiju (bottom left), new Xbox Wireless Controller (top right) and Xbox Wireless Controller (bottom right)

Customize and get your hands on the Wolverine V2

There’s lots of ways to customize the Wolverine V2 to suit your needs. There’s two front programmable buttons to change the way you play, allowing you to really choose what’s most comfortable and best for you. My biggest problem with the controller is the front middle pad. It feels like there’s something missing. There’s the Razer logo splashed across the middle of the controller, but there’s still a lot of dead space there.

Maybe a light up chroma Razer logo would do the trick, but that’s just me being picky! Overall, this is a great controller and a comfortable upgrade on the Wolverine V2. I can’t wait to spend more hours using this on my computer and Xbox Series X. If you want to grab the Wolverine V2 for yourself, you can pick one up on the Razer website. It’ll set you back $99.99 USD ($169.99 AUD). This is a fairly reasonable price point, considering most Xbox controllers are around the $100 AUD mark. Sure it’s a little more expensive, but for the added customization and comfort, it’s well worth it.

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