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Starting today, July 11, and going into tomorrow, Wizards of the Coast is hosting the Magic Celebrity Cup. This two-day event sees Magic Pro League Players and Celebrity Creators playing together to introduce the Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020.

Magic Celebrity Cup for Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2020 by Wizards of the Coast

Getting to know the Magic Celebrity Cup participants

The following pro players will be part of a team that will mentor newcomers in their first MTG Arena event. Autumn “AutumnLilly” Burchett, JE “Jirock” Depraz, Raphaël Lévyn, and Christian Hauck will participate in the event. Pairs of pros and content creators will compete against each other in different countries throughout Europe. There are quite a number of participants, so check out the official announcement for the full list of pros and creators.

Each team submitted a deck for the event. You can find the decklists featured on the website and try them out yourself. All of these decks fall into Standard formats for players interested in the format. The standard format contains only recent sets in the game — currently, it goes all the way back to the Ixalan Block and up to Core Set 2020. However, the standard format will rotate this fall. After that, any sets from before Guild of Ravnica will no longer be allowed in the format.

This event focuses mainly on the Core 2020 set, which launches worldwide on July 12. The players will show off their knowledge of the game and deckbuilding prowess. Those interested can watch the Magic Celebrity Cup on Magic‘s Twitch channels or the Magic: The Gathering website. Wizards will stream the event via three channels, each hosting a different language: English, German, and French.

Throughout the Magic Celebrity Cup, Daily Esports will be covering the event. We’ll also interview some MPL players about the event and Core 2020. So make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for more on the event and its participants in the coming days.