MTG Streets of New Capenna calls players to choose factions
Streets of New Capenna, is based around a city built by angels, ruled by demons
Streets of New Capenna, is based around a city built by angels, ruled by demons | Provided by Wizards of the Coast

MTG Streets of New Capenna calls players to choose factions

Choose from one of five crime factions to gain control of the city

Magic: The Gathering’s new card set released Thursday on Arena and Table Top. The new set, Streets of New Capenna, is based around a city built by angels, ruled by demons. Players can choose between five three-color crime factions to join the fight in New Capenna. Here’s more on the card set and the unique mechanics of each faction.

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Streets of New Capenna – factions

This latest card set contains 281 brand new cards. Cards are centered on a faction, each with special mechanics. Each crime faction is fighting to control the city of New Capenna. The five factions are:

  • Obscura
  • Maestros
  • Riveteers
  • Cabaretti
  • Brokers

Who will you choose? These factions are sure to shake up the game.

The Obscura faction

They hold information to be the most powerful assets. The Obscura are magicians who channel their magic for depiction. This faction uses the Connive mechanic. It’s a mechanic where players draw a card and discard a card. If a non-land card is discard via the Connive mechanic, players put a +1/+1 counter on the creature that connived. The Obscura faction are White/Blue/Black decks.

The Maestros faction

Maestros kill for pleasure. They are old-money vampires who enjoy art and want to conserve the culture of Old Capenna. This faction uses the Casualty mechanic. This is where pleasure sacrifice a creature with power N or greater to copy any spell tied to this ability. The Maestro faction are Blue/Black/Red decks.

Vampires of the Maestro's faction.
Vampires of the Maestro’s faction. | Provided by Wizards of the Coast

The Riveteers faction

Riveteers alwas want to finish the job. They take pride in their craftsmanship and are therefore masters of intimidation and destruction. This faction uses the Blitz mechanic. Creatures with Blitz can be cast for an alternative cost to gain haste. When the creature dies, players can draw a card. The developers encourage players who are using this faction to sacrifice the creature at the beginning of the next end step. The Riveteer faction are Black/Red/Green decks.

The Cabaretti faction

This faction is all about fun, but at a cost. The Cabaretti are a cult of druids. They host lavish banquets, parties, and illustrious dance events. This faction uses the Alliance mechanic. When another creature enters the battlefield a unique effect is triggered. The Cabaretti faction are Red/Green/White decks.

The Brokers faction

Brokers handle mundane legal matters and property disputes. They are masters of the written word and may just trick people with their fine print. While they are solicitors and legal experts, they secretly follow a doomsday prophecy. This faction uses the Shield mechanic. Whenever a create with a shield counter is destroyed or damaged, the shield counter is removed instead. The Broker faction are Green/White/Blue decks.

New land cards

Like each new Magic: The Gathering card set, Streets of New Capenna come with new land cards. There are 10 new land cards. They have a “metropolis” city feel to them. Players will be able to find these cards in full color art.

Many of the cards in this new set showcase the Vibrant city of New Capenna and include many new-age, futuristic city depictions. Even the Forest and Swamp cards contain images of the city.

Get your cards

Players can grab the new card set on Magic: The Gathering Arena and table top today. For table top, Streets of New Capenna is available in Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, and Collector Boosters. Players don’t need to worry about getting all their faction cards in one go. Factionalised Theme Boosters and Commander Decks are available to purchase. To view all the cards from the new set, check out the Magic: The Gathering website. If you’re looking to go pro with Magic, read more on the Magic Pro Tour and the ANZ ESL Champs.

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