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Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate adds more cards to Baldur’s Gate set

Check out this global exclusive reveal of Snowborn Simulacra

Wizards of the Coast unveiled their next card set for Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate today. Fans will start to see cards revealed throughout the day, and we’ve got one exclusive card for you. Here’s more cards added to the newest card set, Baldur’s Gate, along with some insights on the MTG Alchemy Format.

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Snowborn Simulacra

The Baldur’s Gate set includes several new cards and mechanics coming to Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate. Snowborn Simulacra is a mythic blue spell card that allows the caster to duplicate a particular spell card that is on the battlefield. Those duplicated cards also gain an effect that allows them to be cast with any type of mana. If a player uses more than seven mana to play Snowborn Simulacra, they are able to instantly play one of the spells from their hand. As long as a player has at least two blue mana and one of any other color mana, players will be able to play Snowborn Simulacra.

The exclusive global reveal of Snowborn Simulacra (Image: provided)

Snowborn Simulacra would work really well with decks that are blue mixed with another color. Red/blue decks seem to be performing very well in the new Baldur’s Gate set; they are aggressive decks that can do a lot of damage in a single turn. Snowborn Simulacra fits this nicely. Read more about some of the other cards that have been released as part of the Baldur’s Gate set on the Wizard’s blog page.

MTG Alchemy

Magic: The Gathering’s Alchemy format is a digital only MTG format. The cards in Alchemy are only available in MTG Arena. It’s a Standard-only format and features rebalanced versions of cards, digital-only card mechanics, and more decks. As this is a Standard-only format, there are only two players. The new Baldur’s Gate MTG set is geared towards multiplayer draft formats, so it makes sense to build a digital-only version of Baldur’s Gate specific for MTG Arena players. Many of the same cards from Baldur’s Gate tabletop are available in Arena, but these cards are reworked to include creatures and effects that target a single opponent, rather than the many spells that allow players to choose targets in the Commander format. Read more about the Alchemy format, and download MTG Arena to start playing.

Keep an eye out for more of these digital-only cards reveals.

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