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Magic The Gathering‘s War of the Spark: Mythic Edition has been quite the controversial product for Wizards of the Coast. They were to sell the product through eBay to avoid issues, such as the storefront crashing or unprocessed sales. However, those exact problems did happen. Buyers experienced order cancelations, product absent from carts, and eBay not processing Paypal transactions.

In an attempt to smooth things over with customers, Wizards of the Coast is offering a gift. Customers who experienced canceled orders will receive an uncut sheet of foil Mythic and Rare cards from War of the Spark. Only orders that were canceled on May 1 are eligible for this gift. Any customers that experienced this will receive an email from eBay informing with instructions on how to claim it. WotC is also defaulting all questions about the gift to eBay, telling customers to “email their customer service if you have questions.”


Unfortunately for WotC, many customers and players are not happy with this compensation. The War of the Spark: Mythic Edition set was meant to let players open packs. Special planeswalker art was included to show off and bling out decks. Instead, customers are receiving what amounts to a wall decoration. These card sheets are unplayable and do not feature any of the unique art that customers were opening their wallets for.

Many players usually consider card sheets somewhat valuable. However, due to the number of orders canceled, the supply is likely to be extremely high. High quantity coupled with a lack of demand will likely give them a low value both now and in the long term. All of this put together has left many customers frustrated, confused, and tired of WotC.

What do you think about the situation? Is WotC right to offer a gift like this, or should they provide an even better gift instead? If you tried to purchase War of the Spark: Mythic Edition, does this gift make you more likely to try to a set like this again? Or are you fed up with repeated cancelations and apathy from WotC? Let us know in the comments below!

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