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Yesterday afternoon, Activision released a new community blog post that details everything fans can expect from the Season 2 update in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. While this didn’t include specifics about what types of content is coming, such as new weapons, we did learn about what the developer’s plans are for the future. This includes an update regarding weapon balancing in Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2, which hasn’t been done since the Season 1 Reloaded update.

Weapon balancing in Season 2 of Warzone 2 and MW2

Warzone 2 MW2 weapon balancing
Provided by Activision

There have only been a few rounds of weapon balancing thus far in either game. This has been on the lower side when we compare it to the past few years of Call of Duty. However, with the developers now communicating better with the community, perhaps there will be additional rounds of buffs and nerfs in the future.

For now, fans can rejoice in the fact that Infinity Ward and Raven Software have confirmed weapon balancing will be included with the Season 2 update. The devs didn’t offer any specifics regarding which weapons could see a buff and which ones could see a nerf, however. Instead, they simply stated that:

“Weapon balance is something we are always analyzing, and we’ll be balancing Weapons for Season 2 just like any other seasonal or mid-season update. Details on weapon balancing can be found in the upcoming Season 2 launch Patch Notes. We’re excited to discuss some changes to armor below that will make for more consistent engagement in Warzone 2.”

This statement specifically singles out Warzone 2 when it comes to weapon balancing; by tuning some weapons and the armor availability in Warzone 2, players should see more consistent gunfights.

As for multiplayer, it’s unclear exactly what the devs will be altering. Guns like the Kastov-74u, M4, TAQ-56, and Vaznev-9K have run the meta since MW2 launched, so it’s possible we could see some changes to those weapons or others to make them more viable.

We should hear more about weapon balancing in the upcoming Season 2 patch notes, which will come out on Feb. 8.

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