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Fortnite is no stranger to concerts and has had some live events in the past. Is Taylor Swift the next pop star to perform in Fortnite?

A Taylor Swift concert has been rumored all over social media, with young gamers on TikTok speculating about the possibility. But is T-Swift actually going to sing inside the game?

Taylor Swift concert in Fortnite rumors

No, Taylor Swift has not confirmed that she’s performing in Fortnite.

Taylor Swift has been the talk of the entire internet as of late, a lot of it controversial. But there has been no confirmed news that she is hosting an in-game concert. A future collaboration is nothing more than a rumor right now.

Taylor Swift recently rejected performing at the Super Bowl halftime show — and she has multiple times. This is most likely because performers are not paid and she is already a massive icon that doesn’t really need the exposure or hype. She’s doing just fine without it. Going by this, it doesn’t seem too likely that Taylor Swift would perform in a video game.

If a collaboration ever happened, Epic would most likely be swift to announce it. And even before then, leakers and data miners would find out. But so far, no insiders or data miners have uncovered anything related to Taylor Swift in the game files.

Artists who have made an appearance in Fortnite include Travis Scott, Eminem, Ariana Grande, Will Smith, and — of course — Marshmello.