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Players team up in Minecraft Legends, which is available on Game Pass

Will Minecraft Legends be on Game Pass?

What to expect from the spin-off of the most popular game in the world

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time with over 238 million copies sold to date. It also remains incredibly popular to this day even though the game is more than a decade old. Given this fact, it’s no surprise that spin-off games in the Minecraft series would similarly have the potential to be quite popular.

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Following side games like Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft Dungeons, another new adventure is coming, giving players the chance to explore the Overworld in new ways. Here’s what you should know about Minecraft Legends and whether it will be on Xbox and PC Game Pass.

Will Minecraft Legends be on Game Pass?

As is typical for video games published by Xbox Game Studios, Minecraft Legends will be available through Microsoft’s Game Pass. The Game Pass is a subscription service that lets users access a wide range of compatible games by paying a monthly fee rather than buying each game individually.

Following the launch of Minecraft Legends on April 18, it will instantly become available through this subscription service. As a result, players on PC and Xbox consoles can get their hands on this game through the Game Pass without having to buy it separately.

Minecraft Legends will also be playable on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles. While it is not part of any subscription service for these consoles, players can still purchase the standard version of the game for $40. Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe Edition of Minecraft Legends will cost $50.

What is Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends logo
The logo for Minecraft Legends. | Provided by Microsoft

Minecraft Legends is labeled as an action-strategy game. While it will feature Minecraft’s iconic blocky graphics, the core gameplay will not revolve around survival. In addition, the open-world sandbox elements that the original game is most famous for will be replaced with a more plot-driven gameplay experience.

Instead, Minecraft Legends will involve traversing through multiple biomes, building strongholds and fighting hordes of enemies while navigating the game’s storyline. In addition, the game’s multiplayer mode allows you to either team up with friends or face off against other players.

It is unclear how long Minecraft Legends will stick around on Game Pass. While most games rotate on and off of the line-up of available games, Minecraft has stayed on Game Pass ever since its introduction to the platform in 2019. Depending on its popularity, Minecraft Legends fans may be able to keep playing through the Game Pass for a very long time.

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