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Helldivers 2 is a certified co-op hit, and as you’d expect this popularity has all gamers wanting in on the action, but is that possible for Xbox users?

Exclusives continue to be common in the gaming space and judging by its launch, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Helldivers 2 was also a PlayStation exclusive. The reality is that the game isn’t exclusive, but that doesn’t mean it’s available everywhere.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re an Xbox gamer hoping to get in on the Helldivers 2 action.

Will Helldivers 2 come to Xbox or Game Pass?

A Helldivers 2 character running through grass.
Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

Sadly, it’s very unlikely that Xbox gamers will get to enjoy Helldivers 2 on their console, or via Game Pass as Sony has locked down ownership over the series since it began.

While the game is developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, it is published by Sony and PlayStation Studios so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the PlayStation owner to bring the game to Xbox. Of course, it is available on Steam so it isn’t fully exclusive to PlayStation gamers, but we don’t expect an Xbox launch anytime soon.

For perspective, Helldivers has been around for years and while it similarly launched for PC and PlayStation it never made its way to Xbox. Right now there has yet to be any official news regarding the idea of an Xbox launch for the game so it hasn’t been completely ruled out yet, but we wouldn’t suggest holding your breath.

If you want to play Helldivers 2 it might be a matter of investing in a PlayStation or PC, or simply missing out.