Will DMZ be returning in Modern Warfare 3?
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Will DMZ be returning in Modern Warfare 3?

What's your definition of "return"?

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launched, it introduced one of the more underrated game modes in recent years: DMZ. While the free-to-play mode is technically attached to Warzone, it shares the same ecosystem as the current multiplayer title. As such, many players were concerned that DMZ would be shut down when Modern Warfare 3 arrives, as there’s been no new information about the mode in recent weeks.

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In turn, the developers at Sledgehammer Games and Activision have talked plenty about the new Zombies mode in MW3. This led many to believe that DMZ was essentially being replaced by Zombies in the upcoming game. While that might be true to an extent, it has been confirmed that DMZ won’t fully die when MW3 launches next month.

You can check out the guide below for more information on how DMZ is being handled in the future.

Will Modern Warfare 3 include DMZ?

So, the short answer is that DMZ is technically included in MW3. You can still play it via the COD HQ menu and access all of the content that currently exists within the game. This includes all of the maps as well as the weapons/other items that are available.

However, as announced by the main Call of Duty Twitter account, this is likely as much support as DMZ will get in MW3.

According to the tweet, DMZ will still be in its beta phase when MW3 rolls around. While the tweet also stipulates the developers are still planning to support the mode, it’s unclear exactly to what extent. If Activision was truly planning to support DMZ for another year, the company likely would have said all new content is coming to the mode with MW3. The fact that only current content support was mentioned in the tweet is slightly concerning if you’re hopeful about DMZ receiving new content.

Of course, as the tweet says, more information is coming closer to Season 1 of MW3, which is likely sometime in December 2023. So DMZ fans will have to wait until then to find out if any new content is coming to the mode.

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