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Who does Damien Haas voice in Starfield?

"I sound younger to me. I don't know how I sound to y'all."

The gaming community has been hearing a lot of familiar voices in Starfield, Bethesda’s space RPG that’s full of interesting NPCs and companions. Now, Starfield fans have discovered that Damien Haas is in Starfield.

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Who does Damien Haas voice in Starfield?

Damien Haas voices Heller in Starfield.

“Starting nearly 6 years ago, I’ve had the indescribable honor of working on Starfield as Heller,” Haas revealed back in September. “I love this goofball. I hope you will, too. For all the life that has happened in that time, what a wonderful constant this has been.”

Who is Heller in Starfield?

Heller is a miner you’ll meet while working at Argos Extractors. This is where you first begin the game and you can head back here during the Back to Vectera mission.

While following this misison, you will locate Heller, who will offer you his services. He honestly has a lot less skills than other recruitable characters but he’s great to have at an outpost. Plus, he has some funny lines.

Who is Damien Haas?

If you feel you recognize Haas from somewhere, that’s because he’s a member of Smosh. He started working at Smosh about six years ago, a little before he was recruited as a voice actor in Starfield. His fans have been applauding him for his work in Starfield and are glad he’s the first person you talk to when you start your Starfield journey.