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There are some keys in Call of Duty DMZ that are fairly easy to figure out where to bring. These keys usually have the name of their location in the name, and this is exemplified by the HMS Shipwreck Cache key in DMZ. As players might be able to put together, this key’s location is somewhere around the Shipwreck location on Ashika Island.

While players can find the key on any dead AI soldier’s body or in any supply crate across the map, the key gets used at the Shipwreck location. However, players still need to know exactly where to bring the key at Shipwreck if they want to loot whatever is waiting for them.

Using the HMS Shipwreck Cache key in DMZ

With the HMS Shipwreck Cache key in your physical inventory, drop into a match on Ashika Island. Then, you will want to make your way to Shipwreck, which is located on the northeastern part of the map. At the Shipwreck location, there are two different ships that are sitting in the water. You want to head to the southern ship, which is where you can use the HMS Shipwreck Cache key.

HMS Shipwreck Cache key in DMZ
Provided by Activision

At this ship, you need to get into the center of it, where there will be a few feet of water. Underneath the water, on the front side of the ship that faces the island, you will see a crate next to a white shipping container.

Go underwater and to the crate and you’ll discover that the HMS Shipwreck Cache key can be used to open it. Interact with the crate using the key, and it will open, allowing you to loot whatever is inside.

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