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Al Bagra Fortress is a location that’s not visited by too many players in Call of Duty DMZ.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the location, it’s simply too far away from the other major points of interest. It sits on the far southern part of the Al Mazrah map and requires you to cross a bridge, swim, or take a boat to reach it. However, if players want to use their Al Bagra Underground key in DMZ, then they will need to make the trek.

While the name of this key tells players the general area they need to go to, there is some confusion about how to reach the underground part of the location. As the name of the key suggests, players will need to head beneath Al Bagra Fortress to reach whatever lies in store for them. To see exactly how to reach that area and use the Al Bagra Underground key in DMZ, keep reading the guide below.

Using the Al Bagra Underground key in DMZ

As with all keys in DMZ, finding the Al Bagra Underground key is random luck. You need to loot dead AI soldier bodies, supply crates, or HVTs on Al Mazrah in order to add the key to your collection.

Once you do have the key, you can make your way to Al Bagra Fortress and go all the way around to the very southern part of the location. Here, you will be facing the fortress from the road, as seen in the map screenshot below.

Al bagra Underground key DMZ
Provided by Activision

At this spot, you will see a small tunnel entrance that is directly underneath a large rock formation. Head into the tunnel and you’ll be greeted by a gate, which requires you to use your Al Bagra Underground key to open. Interact with the gate,, and you’ll be able to head inside and see what lies in wait underneath Al Bagra Fortress.

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