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The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 4 challenges are going to be available soon but the tasks have already been leaked online. As always, there are two sections for the challenges: Epic and Legendary. In Week 4, the Epic Quests are a bit easier to complete than the Legendary set. One of the tougher tasks in this batch is searching the farm for clues. Players aren’t sure which farm the challenge is referring to or what the clues are.

Of course, Fortnite players are diligent when it comes to figuring out challenges beforehand. The Legendary Quests will go live later this week, but some fans have already figured out where the clues are located.

Searching the farm for clues in Fortnite

The farm in question is the unnamed POI located northeast of Corny Complex. It’s found on the island with the winding river around it. The clues are in spots around the farm and easily marked with a big magnifying glass lying on the ground.

Players must make their way to all three clue spots, interact with the magnifying glass and head onto the next one. Of course, players need to know where the spots are before they do anything. Below, players can see the map of the farm and where each clue is located.

Search the farm for clues fortnite week 4 challenge
The locations of all three clues. | Provided by Epic Games

The first clue is located on the opposite side of the river near a pile of wood. Players can then move to the second clue, which is found near the red tractor in the middle of the field on the eastern side of the farm. Finally, the last clue is sitting beside a group of trees on the northern side of the farmhouse. Once players have collected all three clues, this Fortnite Week 4 challenge will be complete and 45,000 XP will be added to their inventory.