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The Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 have officially released for Week 3 and players are trying to earn the potential XP as quickly as possible. Along with the Epic Quests, there are hundreds of thousands of XP up for grabs in Week 3. As a part of that XP, one of the Legendary tasks has players receiving the aliens with welcome signs.

Aliens are undoubtedly coming to the island, as some are already present, and Fortnite is having players welcome them with open arms. This is accomplished by placing welcome signs in either Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park. This Legendary Quest awards 30,000 XP to the Season 7 Battle Pass, so most players will surely partake. However, the locations of the signs are difficult to miss at either POI, making the task a bit more challenging.

Placing welcome signs in Fortnite

The challenge itself is fairly simple, as both POIs feature set spots for the signs to be placed. There are blue outlines spread around the locations and players must press the interact button on each outline. This will place a sign in that spot and allow the player to move onto the next sign.

While the challenge states that both Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park contain signs, only one location is required. So, players can pick one POI and place all of the signs for the challenge to be complete. Of course, the location of each sign is needed before players can go about placing them.

Below, players can see a map of each sign in both Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park.

Place welcome signs in Fortnite Lazy Lake
The Lazy Lake sign locations. | Provided by Epic Games


Place welcome signs in Fortnite Pleasant Park
The Pleasant Park sign locations. | Provided by Epic Games

There are five total signs to place at either location before the challenge is complete. Once all five are placed, 30,000 XP will be awarded to the player’s Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass.