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Like every other season before it, Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 started off with a brand new batch of challenges. The week one tasks aren’t too difficult from a time-consuming standpoint but some do require special knowledge to complete. One of these special challenges is placing rubber ducks in three different spots across the newly invaded island.

While the challenge is simple in theory, in practice it’s a bit tougher. Players aren’t too sure where they need to place the rubber ducks and as such, are spending more time than they should on this task. However, once they know the three spots they need to go to, the challenge becomes a breeze and an easy way to gain Battle Pass XP.

Placing rubber ducks in Fortnite Season 7

Players can find this particular challenge in the Epic section of the week one tasks. The standard challenges are in another tab. There’s not much difference between the two sets of tasks but the Epic ones tend to be a bit more difficult.

For the rubber ducks challenge, players need to place one duck at three locations: Pleasant Park, Retail Row and Believer Beach. However, the exact location they need to place the ducks isn’t laid out as easily. Below, players can see the exact spot they need to place each duck at the three POIs.

  • Pleasant Park: Near the gas station
  • Retail Row: On the basketball court
  • Believer Beach: Near the swimming pool

The ducks will be waiting for the players so all they need to do is find them and place them down at the specified location. It might take two matches to complete, as the POIs aren’t close to each other, but as long as each one is placed, the challenge will be complete. Players will be rewarded with Battle Pass XP which is perfect for those looking to earn some of the new crossover skins.