Where to find Vintage Wine Bottles in MW2 DMZ
Vintage Wine Bottles DMZ
Provided by Activision

Where to find Vintage Wine Bottles in MW2 DMZ

Anything vintage takes time to find

A difficult Black Mous Faction mission that Call of Duty DMZ players have been struggling with is finding Vintage Wine Bottles. While there are certainly more challenging and complicated Faction missions, like the Crown’s “Expose” mission, this one is still tough. This is mainly due to the fact that players don’t have a set location they need to go; the wine bottles seem to spawn randomly, making the mission take far longer for some unlucky players. To make matters worse, this is only part of the mission “Vintage Connoisseur,” meaning players have to complete other tasks before taking this one on.

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However, there are some tips and tricks with this particular mission that will allow players to find the Vintage Wine Bottles far quicker in DMZ. Allow us to explain in the DMZ guide below.

Finding Vintage Wine Bottles in MW2 DMZ

The easiest way to find Vintage Wine Bottles in DMZ is by looking inside refrigerators, cabinets, and other containers in a kitchen area. There are several kitchens located around Al Mazrah, but finding them is difficult given the fact that there are so many different buildings to check.

If you want to speed up your search, we recommend hitting the following locations:

  • Sawah Hotel in Sawah Village
  • Burger Town and Yum Yum restaurants in Al Mazrah City
Vintage Wine Bottles DMZ
Provided by Activision

All three of these locations have large kitchens with plenty of fridges, cabinets, and other lootable spots. All you can do at the locations is search the kitchen entirely and hope that you manage to find a Vintage Wine Bottle or two. If you are searching the Sawah Hotel, we recommend also looking for the Sawah Hotel Room 302 key, which opens a door on the top floor of the building.

As players likely know, you need to extract three Vintage Wine Bottles to complete this Black Mous mission. You can extract the bottles in any number of matches of DMZ, so long as you extract three of them in total.

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