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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 is nearly halfway over and the alien invasion of the island is still in full swing. The foreign beings don’t seem to be going away anytime soon and that means the Alien Artifacts aren’t leaving either. The artifacts are the key resources that players need to upgrade the Kymera skin, which is unlocked on the Season 7 Battle Pass.

As the Kymera skin is one of the most popular this season, players have been collecting every artifact they can get their hands on in Fortnite. The previous six weeks haven’t produced many hard-to-find locations for the objects Week 7 won’t either. However, players still need to know the exact locations of the Alien Artifacts in Week 7 to make the job as easy as possible. Below, players can see the locations of all five artifacts for this week.

The Week 7 Alien Artifacts in Fortnite

The Week 7 Alien Artifacts will release on Thursday, July 29. However, their locations on the map have been leaked. Each week, data-miners famously find their locations prior to the official release.

Below, a map is viewable for players to see exactly where all five artifacts are found.

Week 7 Fortnite Alien Artifacts
The location of each Alien Artifact in Fortnite Week 7. | Provided by Epic Games

As in previous weeks, there are five locations for artifacts in Week 7. Each one gives five total artifacts to the player’s inventory. This means that there are really 20 Alien Artifacts up for grabs. This alone gives players a nice boost to their Kymera total and allows them to pick and choose which styles they want for the skin.

Players must visit each location as outlined above. Once there, they need to interact with the artifact and move onto the next. After players have found all five in Week 7, they can begin opening Cosmic Chests for a chance at earning even more artifacts.