Where to find the map of North Liurnia in Elden Ring
North Liurnia map in Elden Ring
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Where to find the map of North Liurnia in Elden Ring

Discover exactly what North Liurnia has to offer
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Elden Ring employs many different open-world mechanics that fans have come to know over the last decade or so. From item crafting to merchants scattered across the map, the open world of the Lands Between has much to offer. However, in order to explore the map properly, you will need to find maps of each region. One of the most important maps that you will need to discover in Elden Ring is of North Liurnia.

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North Liurnia’s map is found along the eastern main road of the region. It’s directly west of the Divine Tower sticking out in the ocean. You can easily access the map of North Liurnia as long as you keep following the main road straight from the eastern side of Liurnia. You can see a full map screenshot of the map’s exact location below.

North Liurnia is technically in the center of the region, with you starting in East Lirunia after beating Godrick the Grafted or skipping Stormveil Castle. North Liurnia houses many interesting locations that you need to discover in order to progress the story of Elden Ring.

The map of North Liurnia in Elden Ring

North Liurnia map in Elden Ring
The North Liurnia map’s location. | Provided by FromSoftware

Once you discover the map, almost all of Liurnia will be viewable. The only map you’ll be missing is West Liurnia, which is found northwest of the Academy on the western main road. Speaking of the Academy, this will become viewable once you find the map of North Liurnia. This should be one of the first locations you should visit in the region, as it houses the second demigod of Elden Ring. You can find out exactly how to get to the Academy in our previous guide.

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