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Another week, another Fortnite Battle Star to find. Unlike in Season 9, Season X offers the traditional way of finding Battle Stars. Instead of locking them behind FortBytes, Epic Games uses challenge completion as the way of unlocking the stars, like in seasons past. This week, Week 4, is no different.

As in Week 3, a certain set of challenges must be completed before you attempt to search for the Battle Star. Even if you know where it is, without all of the challenges completed, the star won’t appear. However, once all of your challenges are done, you can begin looking. Though, rather than following the hints Fortnite provides, you should use this handy guide to save yourself some time.

The location of the Week 4 Battle Star

The challenges for Week 4 are named “Smash and Grab”. This is the set you will need to complete if you want to find the Week 4 Battle Star. Below, you can find the entire ‘Smash and Grab’ challenge list. There are a total of 14, but they are relatively easy to finish if you play Fortnite regularly. Photo credit to @Lucas7yoshi on Twitter.

Fortnite Week 4
The Smash and Grab challenge set for Week 4 of Fortnite

Once all 14 of these challenges are complete, you can start to look for the Week 4 Battle Star. If we look to the Week 4 loading screen, which you unlock after completing every challenge, Epic Games drops a little hint for us.

Junk Rift Fortnite
The Week 4 Loading Screen in Fortnite

If you’re having trouble locating the hint, look at the plank sticking out of the ground on the right side of the image. With a tilt of the head, coordinates can be made out that correlate to a location on the Fortnite map. If we input those coordinates on the map, we can see exactly where the Week 4 Battle Star is.

Fortnite Week 4 Battle Star
The location of the Week 4 Battle Star

Go to where the two lines on the map meet, and that is where you’ll find the Fortnite Week 4 Battle Star. Interact with it, and a free tier in the Season X Battle Pass is yours! Remember, these challenges will go live Thursday, Aug 22 at 11:00 a.m. ET.

We hope this guide was helpful in your search! Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.