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After two weeks of glitches, players are now able to search for and find the Fortnite Battle Stars. In the latest v10.10 update, Epic Games corrected the bug that was preventing players from finding the first two weeks of Battle Stars.

In order to search for the star, however, you must complete the third set of missions in Fortnite. Named “The Leftovers,” these missions are fairly standard tasks that shouldn’t take too long to finish. Once they are all done, the hidden Battle Star becomes available.

So, if you don’t want to run around the Fortnite map looking for hints, check out this guide to see exactly where you can find the Fortnite Week 3 Battle Star.

The location of the Week 3 Battle Star in Fortnite

As mentioned above, make sure each challenge in “The Leftovers” set is complete. Without every challenge done, you will not be able to find the Week 3 Battle Star even if you know its location.

Fortnite Week 3 challenges | Fortnite week 3 battle star
The Week 3 challenge set titled “The Leftovers” in Fortnite. Credit to @iFireMonkey on Twitter

After all seven challenges are done, the Battle Star can be found. We are able to see a hint from Epic Games in the Week 3 loading screen. You unlock this screen once you complete every Week 3 challenge. You can try and find the hint for yourself in the image below.

Fortnite Week 3 battle star
The Week 3 loading screen in Fortnite

If you were unable to locate the hint, look towards the front bottom-left of the bus. On the bumper, we can barely see an image of an ice cream head, which clearly points to the Sofdeez ice cream shop near Paradise Palms and the Racetrack.

In the northern area of the desert, directly west of the Racetrack, you will find the long road that maneuvers the southeast part of the map. Adjacent to the road is the Sofdeez ice cream parlor, where the Week 3 Battle Star lies.

The Sofdeez ice cream shop in the desert biome of Fortnite

Make your way to the top of the yellow Sofdeez head and you will be able to interact with the hidden Battle Star. Once you hold the necessary button, the Battle Star is yours! Upon completion, you will rank up one tier in your Season X Battle Pass.

We hope this Battle Star guide helped you! Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for future guides and all Fortnite coverage.