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Overnight, Epic Games released the v18.20 update in Fortnite Season 8 and two new NPCs along with it. These NPCs are Ragsy and Dire, two familiar faces to veterans of previous Fortnite seasons. This has become the trend in Season 8, with Epic releasing two new NPCs every week to give players fresh Punchcard quests to complete. Naturally, Ragsy and Dire come with their own set of Punchcard quests for players to complete for much-needed Battle Pass XP. The NPCs also offer some in-game items in exchange for Gold Bars, which players can find in various spots around the map.

Of course, before players can start working on these NPC’s Punchcard quests, they first need to know where to find them on the Season 8 island. This article focuses on Ragsy. Below, we have outlined exactly where players can find the Cuddle Team Leader in Fortnite Season 8 so they can start earning some XP.

Finding Ragsy in Fortnite Season 8

To find Ragsy in Fortnite, players should hop on the Battle Bus and mark Risky Reels on their map. Of course, this isn’t a named location, so players will need to know where it is beforehand. For any player that doesn’t know where the old Fortnite POI is, simply look at Corny Crops and go west. It’s the location just under the alien crash site and north of the purple aftermath that has rows of cars.

Once players jump from the Battle Bus, they can land at Risky Reels. From here, they’ll see a talking blurb appear on their HUD, which indicates exactly where they can find Ragsy. After they’ve located the mangled rabbit, they can talk to them to start their Punchcard questline and begin earning XP for their Season 8 Battle Pass.

Ragsy will always be near or inside of Risky Reels, so players don’t have to worry about finding them again in another match.