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The week 1 challenges are live in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 and players are already rushing to complete them. There’s a grand total of 210,000 XP up for grabs in the Week 1 batch. This gives players a huge jumpstart to their Battle Pass and their quest to unlock all of the new skins, like Rick Sanchez.

Most of the challenges are easily completed simply by playing Fortnite. Some require a specific weapon or location but they are fairly standard. However, there are a couple of tasks that require special knowledge of the new map in Season 7. These tasks involve finding a payphone and Mending Machines, both of which are spread across the island.

Where to find payphones in Fortnite Season 7

The exact challenge for the payphones in Week 1 reads: “Accept a quest from a payphone.” Simple in theory; players must find a payphone on the map. Of course, if the player doesn’t know where to look, this challenge goes from a simple task to requiring traversal of the whole map.

Luckily, there are several locations that hold the yellow payphones. Below, players can see each location that holds one of the ancient machines.

Fortnite Payphone locations
A map of payphone location in Season 7. | Provided by Epic Games

The payphones are usually found on objects like bus stations. Players must interact with them and accept the following quest for the challenge to be complete.

Where to find Mending Machines in Fortnite Season 7

Next, players must find Mending Machines. The exact challenge for the machines reads: “Buy a shield potion from a Mending Machine.” Players will also need to have at least 30 gold bars to purchase the required shield.

Below, players can see the exact location of every Mending Machine on the map.

Fortnite Mending Machine map
Map of Mending Machine locations in Season 7. | Provided by Epic Games

When players interact with Mending Machines, they will receive an option to purchase a small or large shield. Both work well, but the smaller one costs 30 gold bars while the large one costs 120. The challenge is complete once a shield is purchased. At this point, players are one step closer to unlocking the Season 7 Battle Pass skins.