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The Fortnite Overtime challenges should be releasing weekly leading up to the launch of Season 2. There are three different sets that were leaked by dataminers from the v11.40 update files. While not confirmed, leaks of this nature are traditionally very accurate as Epic Games doesn’t alter challenges too often. So, though we should take all leaks with a grain of salt, these look to be all but confirmed at this point. With that in mind, today we’ll be going over where to find the mountain base camps in Fortnite.

Mountain base camp locations

The following challenge can be found in the 8-Ball vs. Scratch Overtime set. The official challenge reads as follows: Visit mountain base camps (0/1). So, it appears players will only need to visit one of these locations, which is a bit surprising. Usually, Epic Games likes to require players to visit at least three spots on the map.

In any case, this makes the challenge far simpler, as you can complete the challenge by landing at one of three locations. Here are each of the spots on the Fortnite map that contain a mountain base camp.

Fortnite mountain base camps overtime challenge

The mountain base camps aren’t very far apart from each other, so it doesn’t necessarily matter where you pick. However, if you’re choosing to initially land at one of the camps, the two in the snowy mountains will most likely be less crowded, meaning more loot.

Though, you can visit any one you like and still complete the challenge. Simply land in the middle of the camp, or walk there if you didn’t glide down. Make sure the challenge bar updates your progress, and if it does, then this one is complete!

We hope this guide helped your challenge hunting! Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for future Fortnite challenge guides and news.

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