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With a name like Lechonk, its no wonder why the new pig Pokémon is in high demand in the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet versions. It may be just a normal type Pokémon and it might not have the best stats but that’s the cool think about Pokémon. It doesn’t have to be competitively viable for players to want one. And for the players that do and don’t know where Lechonk is located, here is a quick and easy guide on where to find Lechonk in Pokémon  Scarlet and Violet including all the locations players can find it.

All Lechonk Locations

Screenshot via Nintendo Switch.

Players can find out every location a Pokémon is located in by checking the Pokédex and scrolling to the Pokémon they are interested in. From there, simply hit the plus button on the controller to find a Pokémon’s habitat. But this is only good if a player has run into the Pokémon before either by trainer battle or in the wild. If players haven’t found a Lechonk yet, here are the locations it is found in.

Lechonk can pretty much be found in any area in the southern part of the Paldea region. Specifically, players can find Lechonk in area one of the South Province, area four of the South Province and area five of the South Province. If players head a little west, Lechonk can be found in area two and area three of the West Province as well as the Tagtree Thicket. And finally, Lechonk can be found in area one of the East Province.

Lechonk are usually low-level encounters so when it comes to catching one, players don’t need any high-quality Pokéballs. Just regular Pokéballs should do the trick. In fact, if players find Lechonk in one of the first areas of the game, players probably don’t even need to do damage to the Lechonk before attempting to catch one. Simply just throw a Pokéball at the start of the battle and Lechonk shouldn’t break free.

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