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–One of the staples of Fortnite Chapter 2 has been the presence of NPCs on the island. These characters are in place so players can trade gold or defeat them to pick up their Mythical weapon. However, the Week 1 challenges include a few tasks that require players to seek out several of the new NPCs in Season 7.

As such, players are curious as to where they can find each of the NPCs. They’re spread across the map and are not too easy to find if their location isn’t readily apparent. Luckily, the community has already located all of the old and new characters so players can complete their Week 1 challenges with ease.

Every NPC location in Fortnite Season 7

Currently, in Season 7, there are 16 NPCs on the map that players can either talk to or battle. If players are looking for a battle, they can challenge Doctor Slone for the opportunity to wield her Mythic Pulse Rifle. For most of the other NPCs though, players can seek them out for a challenge or trading.

Below, players can see each of the current NPCs’ locations in Fortnite Season 7.

  • Abstrakt: Behind the Retail Row superstore.
  • Bunker Jonesy: Southwest of Misty Meadows in Lumber Lodge.
  • Bushranger: Northeast of Boney Blurbs, in Risky Reels.
  • Doctor Slone: Underneath the red barn in Corny Complex.
  • Dreamflower: West of Boney Blurbs near the purple sludge.
  • Guggimon: On the island northeast of Coral Castle, in a house near the lighthouse.
  • Hayseed: Northeast of Corney Complex at Steel Farm.
  • Joey: Just outside of Dirty Docks at the entrance.
  • Marigold: Around Lazy Lake.
  • Maven: West of Steamy Stacks and East of Craggy Cliffs at Dinky Dish.
  • Rick Sanchez: East of Weeping Woods at Defiant Dish.
  • Riot: East of Misty Meadows on the yellow bridge.
  • Rook: West of Dirty Docks in the abandoned base.
  • Special Forces: Southeast of Catty Corner at the base entrance.
  • Sunny: On a pier in Believer Beach.
  • Swamp Stalker: Southwest of Slurpy Swamp.

That’s all of the current NPC locations in Fortnite Season 7, but Epic Games will likely add more as the season progresses.