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Doctor Slone is the newest NPC to arrive on the Fortnite map in Chapter 2 Season 7. She’s located at one of the new POIs, Corny Complex, and carries with her a powerful weapon: a Mythic Pulse Rifle. Many players envy this rifle early on in Season 7.

To obtain Doctor Slone’s Pulse Rifle, players need only defeat her. However, this comes with its own challenges, such as locating her in Corny Complex and understanding her fighting technique. Once that becomes common knowledge, players will have a much easier time adding the Mythic Pulse Rifle to their inventory.

Finding and defeating Doctor Slone in Fortnite Season 7

The most simple way to go about acquiring Slone’s Pulse Rifle is by landing at Corny Complex from the battle bus. This ensures that a player will be one of the first to battle her. Before that, though, players need a serviceable weapon, some sparse materials and, preferably, at least 50 shields. Doctor Slone isn’t too tough of an opponent but she can deal some decent damage, so it’s wise to be prepared.

Once players have the items they need, the goal is then to find Doctor Slone. This can be accomplished by going underneath the red farmhouse at Corny Complex. She will be walking around underneath the farmhouse and challenging players once they’re seen.

Some basic walls and decent accuracy are all that’s needed to take her down. Once Doctor Slone is defeated, she will drop her Mythic Pulse Rifle. Players can then pick this up and add it to their inventory.

Fortnite Doctor Slone's Pulse Rifle
The stats for Slone’s Pulse Rifle. | Provided by Epic Games

Slone’s Pulse Rifle carries a base damage of 38 with a magazine size of 16. It certainly packs a punch, especially when aimed down sights. Accurate players will have a field day with this weapon in Fortnite Season 7. Additionally, a bonus that comes with equipping this weapon is that players can complete one of the tasks for the Week 1 challenges.