Where to find Curtis' Safe key in Dead Island 2
Curtis' Safe Key Dead Island 2
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Where to find Curtis’ Safe key in Dead Island 2

Gain access to Curtis' valuables

One of the first side quests that you will encounter in Dead Island 2 is from a man named Curtis, who invites you into his home in Bel-Air through an intercom. His house is right across from Emma Jaunt’s, and players will likely run into this quest as they are on their way to one of the first story missions. Inside Curtis’ estate, you will have to kill zombies and even Curtis’ ungrateful nephew who has become a flesh-eating creature. At the end of the quest, Curtis will thank you and eventually join you at Emma Jaunt’s house. However, if you do some digging around Curtis’ mansion, you will stumble across a safe called Curtis’ Valuables Safe. This requires Curtis’ Safe key to open, which is quite a tough key to find in Dead Island 2.

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Below, you can see exactly how to find this key in Dead Island 2.

Finding Curtis’ Safe key in Dead Island 2

There are some hints located around Curtis’ house to find this key easier. In fact, there are two journals left behind by Curtis’ “money-grabbing” nephew, who attended the party at Curtis’ mansion with the sole intention of stealing the contents of the safe. In the two journals, which are located around the mansion, you will discover that Curtis’ nephew and his friend eventually stole the key to the safe.

However, the key ended up at the poolhouse, which is at the end of the courtyard in Curtis’ backyard. Head there, and you will hopefully find a named zombie named Crystal the Lawyer. It seems Crystal stole the key from the nephew’s friend, as when you kill Crystal, she drops Curtis’ Safe key.

Curtis' safe key Dead Island 2
Crystal the Lawyer holds Curtis’ Safe key. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

It seems that Crystal the Lawyer spawns much later in the game, though, as I was not able to encounter her until several hours after we had initially completed Curtis’ side quest. So if you don’t find Crystal at the poolhouse the first time you try, simply keep coming back to the Bel-Air mansion until she does spawn. I was able to find Crystal at level 19, but it’s possible she could spawn at an earlier point for you. With the safe key in hand, head inside, unlock the safe, and you will be rewarded with the superior Tactical Heavy Revolver.

The reward for opening Curtis’ safe. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

Congratulations, you have now found Curtis’ Safe key and looted quite a nice pistol in Dead Island 2.

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