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Fortnite Season 8 is here and players are busy exploring what Epic Games has cooked up in this installment. From new ways to customize Battle Pass skins to map changes, there’s a ton for players to navigate in Season 8. To add to that list, there are also new Exotic weapons that players can get their hands on across the map. These aren’t the new Mythic weapons that Carnage and Venom hold but the Exotic Weapons are some of the most powerful guns in Fortnite.

As of the first week of Season 8, there are only three Exotic weapons that players can attain. As in seasons past, these weapons are located in different spots across the island. To find out where they are and how players can add an Exotic to their inventory, keep reading below.

Every Exotic weapon in Fortnite Season 8

Before a player tries to acquire an Exotic Weapon, they need to earn some Gold Bars. This is the currency that’s used to purchase the weapons from various NPCs in Fortnite. Players can acquire Gold Bars through completing quests from NPCs or opening cash registers and ATM machines.

Once players have a solid supply of Gold Bars – at least 400 – they can visit one of three NPCs to buy an Exotic weapon. First up is the Shadow Tracker pistol, which is bought from Dusk in the mountains slightly northwest of Lazy Lake. Players need 400 Gold Bars to purchase the Exotic.

Next is the Dragon’s Breath Sniper. Players can buy this from Pitstop at the gas station in Boney Burbs for 500 Gold Bars.

Fortnite Exotic Dragon's Breath Sniper
The Dragon’s Breath Sniper is one of three Exotic weapons. | Provided by Epic Games

Finally, the last Exotic weapon players can buy in Season 8 is the Chug Cannon. The Brat offers this weapon at the Fork Knife hotdog van directly north of Lazy Lake, just south of the road leading out from Corny Crops. Players need 600 Gold Bars to buy this Exotic, which restores shields for everyone in the vicinity of the cannon blast.

Epic Games will likely add more Exotic weapons throughout this new Fortnite season but for now, these are the options.

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