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Epic Games is making use of the new content added with the v17.10 hotfix with the Week 5 Epic and Legendary Quests in Fortnite. Aside from visiting Holly Hatchery or deploying Alien Nanites, another challenge dealing with a new addition requires players to dance near Zyg and Choppy.

This Week 5 Legendary Quest rewards players with 30,000 XP. However, seeing as Zyg and Choppy were just added to Fortnite, many players don’t know where they’re located. Although their locations are fairly straightforward, managing to dance near them is not, seeing as both new bosses in Fortnite will be hostile toward the player.

Dancing near Zyg and Choppy in Fortnite

Zyg is the main boss while Choppy is more of a back bling. The boss is hulking in size and can be quite difficult to take down. If he is defeated, though, players can pick up Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun; a new Mythic weapon that can deal a solid amount of damage.

The Week 5 Legendary Quest merely requires players to dance near the pair, however. To do this, they can head to Hydro 16, where the bosses spawn. They can appear either inside or outside of the main building in front of the dam. Hydro 16 is directly to the east of Slurpy Swamp and slightly northwest of Misty Meadows.

Dance near Zyg and Choppy in Fortnite
Zyg and Choppy patrolling Hydro 16. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players have seen Zyg and Choppy, they must quickly equip a dancing emote. The challenge doesn’t require players to dance for too long, but they need to be somewhat close to the bosses. Zyg and Choppy will attack on sight, so players must be careful to not get killed in this process.

After players have danced for a few seconds, the challenge will complete and players will be awarded 30,000 Battle Pass XP.