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Baldur's Gate vendor

Where to buy new clothes in BG3 — Clothing store locations

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a very extensive character customization system. But can you change their armor and outfits later on? You definitely can if you find the vendors scattered throughout the game.

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Not every vendor will have the same items for sale. But these are the best vendors in each region if you’re looking to refresh your look with new armor and outfits.

Armor and clothing vendors in Emerald Grove

When you reach Emerald Grove, look for Aaron. This druid has a variety of armor for sale that’s a bit pricey when you first arrive. Other options include Grat the Trader in the Goblin Camp or Zhentarim Outpost before the Mountain Pass, but these interactions will depend on previous decisions you made during the campaign.

Armor and clothing vendors in Underdark

This dangerous location may be full of mystery and violence, but there’s still a chance to find a new look here. Look for Derryth and Blurg in the Myconid Colony if you want to take a break from the tension and change up your wardrobe.

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Armor and clothing vendors in Mountain Pass

Close to the entrance of Mountain Pass is Lady Esther. When you talk with her, she will show you a lot of items for sale before you head to the Githyanki Creche.

Armor and clothing in Moonrise Towers

This region is beyond the Underdark and Mountain Pass. It’s a very, well, cursed area but if you make it to the Last Light Inn, you’ll find some people willing to sell you clothing. Speak with the tieflings in this safe zone to find vendors who will trade and make new items for you. You can also complete quests or win fights to get more clothing items.

Armor and clothing in Baldur’s Gate

This location is full of vendors with tons of armor and clothing options. You’ll find a lot of armor vendors at the front gate, including the Smithy near the Rivington General Store. Head to the Lower Cities and you’ll find even more vendors throughout the city, including the Stormshore Armoury for magical items, the Devil’s Fee for more clothing, and the Lodge for armor upgrades. When you get to the Undercity, you can interact with the Thieves Guild.

If you’re looking for more clothing-based items, check out the Facemaker’s Boutique. This is near the Baldur’s Gate Waypoint on the city’s west side. You’ll be able to make a wide range of clothing, including underwear.