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Temtem‘s Training Values (TVs) play a significant role in increasing your creatures’ strength. Temtem are required to train different values to unlock their maximum potential in both the story mode and competitive battling. TVs increase a Temtem’s core stats, improving their survivability and attacking power in battle. Unique fruits are available to raise or reduce TVs of a certain Temtem if you trained the wrong value by accident. It is important to remember that anytime a Temtem is caught, it starts without any TVs.

Understanding Training Values in Temtem

First, however, it is essential to understand what Training Values are and how they are obtained. Each Temtem can gain up to a total of 1000 TVs, with a cap of 500 in a single stat. You gain these by doing what the name suggests. Defeating any Temtem in battle, whether it is a wild or trainer battle, will earn your Temtem some TV. Each one you defeat gives your creature a different TV. For example, Tateru gives 2 TVs in Stamina, which, over time, increases the Stamina stat that your Temtem has access to.

The best places to train

Each of the seven stats has several different ways to increase the training values of Temtem. However, some specific locations will prove far superior compared to others.


Temtem Stamina Training Values

For Stamina training, for example, it is best to fight Babawa. Babawa is a common spawn when surfing in Citerior and Ulterior Omninesia. Each Babawa you defeat earns the Temtem 4 Stamina TVs.

Special Defense

Temtem Special Defense Training Values

Special Defense is best trained by killing Adoroboros in the Xolot Reservoir on the island of Tucma. Adoroboros has a 35% chance to spawn throughout the region and grants 4 Special Defense TVs.



Speed TVs are trained on two Temtem instead of just one. In the Mines of Mictlan, you can encounter Mudrid. These grant 3 Speed TVs when defeated. However, it is slightly rarer than the other Temtem in the area. The pre-evolution of Mudrid, Bunbun, is more common and grants 2 Speed TVs instead.

Special Attack

Temtem Special Attack Training Values

The training for Special Attack TVs is very different compared to most. With no real high-yield training options available, my suggestion would be to fight Toxolotl in a specific region of the Xolot Reservoir. In the northern part of the Xolot Reservoir, a small region is available after unlocking the ability to surf in the reservoir. The small land area in the north part of the map has a guaranteed spawn of Toxolotl. Because of this, it is much more consistent to train the Special Attack TVs here.


Temtem Health Training Values

Health TVs are one of the easiest of them all to train. The best location is at the far south point on the Sillaro River, slightly east of the starting area of Temtem. This small island has a grass patch that has a 100% chance of spawning a level 14 or 15 Saipat. Defeating each Saipat earns the Temtem in battle 3 Health TVs.


Defense TVs are by far the slowest to train. The best location to train defense TVs is at the stairs in the Mines of Mictlan. The Temtem you target here are Lapinite and its evolution Azuroc. Lapinite gives two defense TVs, and Azuroc provides three defense TVs. Note, though, that it is uncommon (1/20~) to encounter an Azuroc.


Attack TVs are best trained at the entrance to the Anak Volcano. There are two Temtem we aim to fight here: Magmis and its evolution Mastione. The grass area is located near a healing location, which makes this one of my favorite spots to train within Temtem.

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