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Plunder has always been a popular mode among Warzone fans, but players jumping on may discover that the mode is missing. What happened to it, and is it coming back?

Every Thursday, a playlist update drops for Warzone, refreshing the available game modes, altering the squad sizes in matches, or rotating maps in modes like Resurgence.

Alongside regular battle royale and Resurgence, Plunder is one of the modes that rotates in and out and has become a fan-favorite among those who don’t like the punishing nature of battle royale.

Three Warzone players looking at stacks of cash on the ground.
It’s all about the money. Image via Activision

Has Plunder been removed from Warzone?

Yes, Plunder was removed on Thursday, January 4, 2024. As part of a playlist update, Plunder was replaced by Lockdown, which is similar to Hardpoint in that it has multiple zones that players must capture around the map.

Do we know when Plunder is coming back?

Unfortunately, we don’t know when Plunder is returning to Warzone. The developers made no comment on its return when the mode was removed on January 4, leaving us in the dark.

Playlist updates will continue to drop weekly on Thursdays, so the mode may reappear at some point in the near future. If not, we may have to wait for the game’s next major update like Season 1 Reloaded or Season 2.

What is Plunder in Warzone?

Plunder is different than regular Warzone battle royale as respawn is enabled, meaning you can come back if you get killed by an enemy. Instead of fighting to be the last squad standing, you instead battle for cash, which can be deposited at locations marked on the map.

The team with the most money deposited at the end of the game wins this mode, which is much faster and more chaotic than the regular BR modes you may be used to.

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