When is TFT Set 6.5 coming out
TFT Set 6.5 goes live on Feb. 16
TFT Set 6.5 goes live on Feb. 16 |Provided by Riot Games

When is TFT Set 6.5 coming out

TFT Neon Nights is coming out at the start of Patch 12.4.

The latest expansion to Teamfight Tactics was announced a little over a week ago. Just like every TFT set since TFT: Galaxies, TFT Gizmos and Gadgets is getting a huge mid-set expansion that will shake up the game in multiple ways. TFT Gizmos and Gadgets: Neon Nights is the mid-set expansion for TFT set 6. TFT set 6.5 brings in over twenty roster swaps featuring a mix of new and old TFT champions. It also brings in new traits, including the Debonair trait which functions similarly to the Chosen mechanic from TFT: Fates. And of course, brand new cosmetic options with the emergence of the new Mythic Little Legend, PROJECT: Abyssia. But the question remains, when is the TFT set 6.5 release date? That question is already answered.

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TFT Set 6.5 releases on Wednesday, February 16

As was previously announced, TFT set 6.5 is set to hit the live servers at the start of League of Legends Patch 12.4. With this knowledge players already know what the exact release date is. TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer gets asked questions like this all the time so on his Twitter profile, he has a pinned tweet that shows when each patch for League of Legends and TFT is scheduled a year in advance. By looking at his pinned tweet, players can see that patch 12.4 is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 16. In fact, almost every patch that hits League of Legends and TFT is on Wednesdays outside a few that launch on Thursdays, which are usually because of holidays.

Players can also low-key look at the in-game battle pass for TFT on the live servers to get an idea when the next update is coming. The days left in the battle pass tells players how long they have to wait for the new mid-set expansion.

For players that want to play the new TFT set 6.5 expansion right now, they are in luck. The Public Beta Environment currently has the Neon Nights expansion up. Also, its available to anyone who has a PBE account.  that explains all the steps needed to play. If not, the set comes out on the live servers in a few days.

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