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When Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone launched last week, Activision and Raven Software removed the Rebirth Island map from the game. This was mainly to introduce the new Fortune’s Keep map, which is of similar size and layout to Rebirth Island. Whenever the developers introduce new content like this, they tend to focus solely on it for a short time to give players enough time to accustom themselves to it. However, there were rumors floating around before Season 4 launched that Rebirth Island would not be coming back to Warzone. While those rumors were eventually dispelled, players are still wondering when the map will return to the battle royale.

Early last week, Raven Software confirmed that Warzone Season 4 would feature a map rotation. This means that all three Warzone maps, Rebirth Island, Fortune’s Keep and Caldera, would be included in some fashion in Season 4. At the same time, Raven also released the playlist schedule for the first part of Season 4, which lets players know exactly when they can expect to see Rebirth again.

Rebirth Island in Season 4

According to the playlist schedule seen above, Rebirth Island will be returning to Warzone at the start of next week, on June 30. This will kick off a month-long period where Warzone has all three maps available for players to enjoy; each map will feature different playlists that are changed each week. When Rebirth Island first arrives in Season 4, players will get to play Resurgence Quads on it. This playlist will remain on Rebirth Island until the week of July 21 when Resurgence Solos, Duos and Trios as well as 12 vs 12 Payload are added.

Rebirth is seeing fewer playlists this season so fans can focus on Fortune’s Keep and the new modes coming to Caldera. It’s unclear how the map rotation will work going into the month of August, but Season 5 of Warzone is set to arrive a few weeks after that.