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Earlier this week, the developers at Raven Software revealed how the maps would work in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4. Many players didn’t exactly know how the game would handle having three active maps for the first time in Warzone’s history, but some hoped Raven would rotate the maps freely as opposed to having Fortune’s Keep or Rebirth Island out of the game for weeks at a time. Now, that hope has been fulfilled, as the developers confirmed that a map rotation will be coming in Season 4.

A map rotation is essentially how the maps are laid out amongst one another. Caldera will always be in Warzone, but fans have always had the ability to also play playlists on Rebirth Island. With Fortune’s Keep now coming into the mix, players will also be able to hop on that map as well in addition to Caldera and Rebirth Island. Every week aside from the first of Season 4 will feature every single map in the game mode. The only thing that will change is the playlists that are available for each.

Below, players can see what maps and playlists they can expect in Warzone Season 4.

Warzone Season 4 map and playlist rotation

Rebirth Island will be left out of the rotation for the first week of Season 4 so players can enjoy the new Fortune’s Keep map. Once June 30 comes around, though, all three maps enter the fray, giving players multiple options based on their preferences in Warzone. Raven has laid out the playlists and maps all the way until July 21, which is likely when the playlists will reset depending on new game modes and community feedback.

Season 4 of Warzone begins on Wednesday for all systems and will feature a plethora of new content, including Fortune’s Keep, two new weapons, a new grenade, and fresh game modes.