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The recent 0.13 update in Escape from Tarkov added a plethora of content to the extraction shooter. This content was headlined by the new Streets of Tarkov map, which introduced new quests and items to the game, among other things. One of those new items is called “Pack of Arseniy Buckwheat,” which appears at first glance to be quite a valuable item in Escape from Tarkov.

The in-game description for buckwheat reads “There is nothing more valuable in a difficult time than buckwheat. Granular gold, food of the gods.” With a description like this, players were anxious to loot more Buckwheat and possibly reap the rewards from a trader. While players can reap some rewards, a pack of Arensiy buckwheat isn’t nearly as valuable or useful as its description makes it out to be.

Read more about what to do with buckwheat in Tarkov in the guide below.

Buckwheat in Escape from Tarkov

Buckwheat Escape from Tarkov
Provided by Battlestate Games

At the moment, the only use for buckwheat in Tarkov is to use for bartering. The only trader that will take the pack of Arseniy buckwheat is the Therapist, who needs four packs of it in exchange for an Expeditionary fuel tank. Buckwheat isn’t too difficult to find, so looting four packs of the food shouldn’t be too difficult. However, unless you’re in dire need of an Expeditionary fuel tank, then the buckwheat might not be worth a stash spot.

It’s unclear if the developers at Battlestate Games have any plans to make buckwheat more valuable in the future. Currently, it’s just another run-of-the-mill item that many players won’t look twice at. Perhaps a future update will change that and buckwheat will be the talk of the Streets of Tarkov. For now, though, only the Therapist will take it from you in Escape from Tarkov.

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