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The Device event in Fortnite has concluded after much build-up over the past few months. While it wasn’t everything players wanted after such a lengthy delay from Epic Games, it was still a fantastic spectacle. We finally got to see what Midas’ Doomsday Device was for and how it changed the map as a whole. In-game right now, there are new mechanics and some new creatures inhabiting the island. Whether these changes make it into Season 3 is unknown, but for now, they’re here to stay. Let’s see what The Device changed in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite now underwater after The Device?

During the Season 2 event, the Doomsday Device essentially shot lasers at the Fortnite storm. This resulted in The Device exploding and sending players to a simulation inside of an office. Jonesy, the default skin, made an appearance as did some Henchmen in the hallways. If you want to watch the full event, you can watch one perspective of it below.

As of right now, we’re not sure what this means. However, some are speculating that Epic Games broke the fourth wall and revealed that the entirety of Fortnite could be a simulation. Perhaps Season 3 will give us some more insight into this mystery.

In regards to the actual changes in Fortnite, the lasers from The Device seem to have created giant walls of water. These waves now represent the storm and close in as the timer expires. You take damage if you decide to enter the water, but you can now actually swim. This feature goes for the rest of the bodies of water on the island as well. However, you are not able to use vehicles or rocket ride into the waves, so this essentially eliminates any in-storm battles.

The waves aren’t the only new addition to the map, though. Inside the huge walls of water are fish, sharks, and even a large Kraken. It’s unclear if these creatures can hurt players or if they can even interact with players. It is a cool addition to the surroundings of Fortnite nonetheless.

From the looks of it, that’s everything major that changed with The Device event. Of course, things will almost certainly develop further once Chapter 2 – Season 3 officially drops on June 17. Until then, keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season 3 news.

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