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The second big update of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 is here for all players and platforms. v13.20 went live early this morning. While we knew what was coming, it still had some surprises in the form of leaks. Like always, data-miners had a field day discovering upcoming content for the season. This mainly includes unrevealed cosmetics and challenges, which is always nice to see. However, it also appears that the v13.20 update is setting up for future events in Fortnite. Let’s see what’s in the patch notes for the new Season 3 update.

The Fortnite v13.20 patch notes

Of course, Epic Games doesn’t release comprehensive patch notes like they used to do way back in Chapter 1. Still, it did provide us with a small snippet of what to expect in the v13.20 update.

Once the patch has downloaded, the new Flare Gun will be available to equip in Fortnite. Dealing 60 damage for a direct hit, the Flare Gun is meant to be more of a fun weapon instead of a meta-changer. Hopefully, we can see some interesting clips with the weapon when players learn its intricacies.

Along with the Flare Gun, the water on the island will recede slightly back into the surrounding ocean. This will occur with every update until most of the bodies of water are back in the ocean. As this occurs, more and more POIs will be revealed. This could include an Atlantis location for the Season 3 Aquaman skin, which we might have already seen.

That’s really it for the main, official patch notes. However, data-miners managed to find some future cosmetics and challenges in the files. Leaker @iFireMonkey is usually on top of this area and once again provided us with a first look at the future cosmetics we can expect in the Item Shop.

iFireMonkey also obtained the challenges for Weeks 3,4, and 5. This includes the standard weekly challenges and the Aquaman challenges. Keep in mind that, after Week 5, whoever completes every Aquaman challenge will earn the hero’s skin.

That’s about it for the substantial leaks of the v13.20 update in Season 3! Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all future Fortnite news and leaks.

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