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Earlier today, a bombshell report was dropped on the community. According to multiple sources, Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, in conjunction with NRG, has purchased the OpTic Gaming brand from Immortals Gaming Club. Of course, H3CZ was one of the original members of OpTic and up until last year, the CEO. However, he lost the brand to Immortals and eventually went to join NRG as Co-CEO with Andy Miller. This seems to have been rectified though, as the two parties have supposedly bought back the OG brand. The big question now is what will H3CZ do with the Call of Duty League spot that OpTic owns?

Looking at H3CZ’s options with the CDL spot

While none of this is confirmed, there appears to be no doubt that this is indeed a reality. Multiple sources have confirmed it and now we’re just waiting on an official word from H3CZ or OpTic Gaming.

The reported terms of the deal are that Hector and NRG now own the OpTic brand and the CDL spot that comes with it. However, since NRG already owns a CDL team, the Chicago Huntsmen, H3CZ will be forced to sell the spot to another party.

h3cz optic gaming cdl

Although, it seems extremely unlikely that the former CEO would buy back his baby to just sell it off again. No, it’s a near certainty that H3CZ has some kind of plan for the OpTic brand. But what? Early guesses indicate that the Huntsmen could rebrand to reflect the OpTic brand. The “Chicago OpTic” was a name that floated around all day today. While some argued that the CDL wouldn’t allow this name, there’s already the Atlanta FaZe, so who knows.

The Huntsmen brand would then be retired but the return of the real OpTic might be too tempting to pass up. In regards to who H3CZ could sell the CDL spot to, a few guesses have popped up. The most prominent is that 100 Thieves CEO Matt “Nadeshot” Haag could be interested. However, Nadeshot quickly turned these rumors down on stream, stating that Call of Duty is too financially challenging to enter right now.

Beyond that, there aren’t too many solid guesses. It’s likely that a large brand could enter the fold and purchase the spot, similar to how Andbox Media purchased the New York spot. However, another gaming organization could fork over the cash for an entrance into the CDL. It’s mostly unknown at this point.

What do you think will happen? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all gaming news.