What we know so far about Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

What we know so far about Street Fighter 6

Characters, Features, Game Modes and more

Capcom’s next installment of their flagship fighting game franchise, Street Fighter 6, was recently officially announced with a ton of new features and characters. Here is a look at what is known so far about the game.

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So far there have only been five officially revealed characters. Of these five characters, three of them are among the most famous characters in the history of the franchise.

During the official reveal trailer released a few weeks ago, Chun Li and Ryu represented the old guard in the clash of styles. Representing the new blood in Street Fighter 6 was Luke, the last DLC character introduced in Street Fighter V, and Jaime, a brand new addition to the game as a kickboxing specialist. Guile was showcased as the fifth addition to the roster in the most recent character reveal.

Besides this official reveals, leaks have claimed to show the entire roster, which includes 22 total characters with a mix of new and old fighters. While the team behind Street Fighter 6 didn’t outright say the leak was true, they didn’t say it was false in a post made by the official Twitter account.

Game modes/features

For the first time ever in a Street Fighter game, there will be a legitimate, free-roaming story mode. This solo mode, which is called World Tour, will allow players to “carve out your own legend on the streets.” More details on this mode will be shown off in the future.

The Fighting Ground is the standard Street Fighter experience players know and love. This is the standard, one-versus-one game mode where players can fight against each other. But in Street Fighter 6 there are more features than in previous games.

For example, there’s the new Drive System. This system gives players additional options in a match at the cost of using some of the newly introduced Drive Gauge. The Drive Gauge has a total of six bars that replenish over time. Players can use some of the Gauge to perform actions like a Parry, Rush or even a Reversal.

Also, for new players, there is a “modern” control scheme to help get into the game easier with simplistic commands for moves. There is also a real-time commentary feature that will bring some of the best commentators from the professional Street Fighter 6 scene into players’ games with real-time casting with more details to be made at a later date.

Finally, the last main mode revealed so far is the Battle Hub. Not much is known about it yet, but this will be the way players fight against each other online.

Online experience in fighting games has been critical for a game’s success over the last few years and the team behind SF6 knows this. The game has already confirmed that there will be rollback netcode to make sure matches over the internet will have stable connections.

Release Date

There is currently no hard release date for SF6, aside from a general 2023 timeframe. Street Fighter V was released in the month of February back in 2016.

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