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The Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning competitive season officially kicks off this week with the TFT Dawnbringer Cup on May 21.  It’s the first big event on the road to Worlds for the North America region. This season, the TFT: Reckoning World Championship will be held live in China but to get there, players will have to start here.

The Dawnbringer Cup will feature 128 of North America’s best players in a three day event. There is no prize pool, but the top players will earn invitations to the Mid-Set Finale where they will play for a shot at a $20,000 prize pool and slots to the NA Regional Finals later this year. Long-time TFT tournament organizer GiantSlayerTV is hosting the event, broadcasting it live all three days starting on May 21 and ending May 23. The action will kick off live each day at 7 p.m. EST on Twitch.tv. Here is all the information spectators need to know heading into the big event.

TFT Dawnbringer Cup Format and qualification

Players applied earlier in the month, with the top 128 when sign-ups closed getting in. Ranked ladder placement was the primary criteria for entry.

On Friday, the 128 participants will split into 16 lobbies. Players got their seeds based on their ranked ladder placement. The 16 lobbies will play five games on day one. Competitors score points based on their placements in each game. At the end of the five games, the top four players in each lobby move onto day two.

On Saturday, the remaining 64 players will be seeded into eight lobbies based on their day one performance. Again players will play five games on day two. The top four players from each lobby advance to the third and final day.

On Sunday, The 32 remaining players will be split into four lobbies based on their day two performance and once again play five games in their lobbies. However, the top three players from each lobby will secure a direct invite to the mid-set finale for a total 12 spots. The fourth place players in each lobby will get a direct invite to the Nightbringer Cup – the second big event before the $20,000 mid-set finale.

Where to watch and who is playing

Many of North America’s top players will be competing in this event. Some notable names include TFT Fates North America Champion and Team Liquid player, Alex “Kurumx” Tompkins. TFT Fates World Championship bronze medalist, Kevin “RamKev” Hu and Cloud 9’s Michael “k3Soju” Zhang. Team Liquid’s new signings will also make their first major debut. For a complete list of participants check here.

Dawnbringer Cup Talent lineup
The first TFT: Reckoning event has a stacked commentary lineup. Credit to Giant Slayer

The Dawnbringer Cup will also feature a lineup of commentary talent including Dan “Frodan” Chou, Rosemary “Nekkragaming” Kelley, and Riot Games TFT product lead Thomas “GreenTeej” Bourus.

The tournament will be broadcast live through the GiantSlayerTV twitch channel as the event kicks on at 7PM EST on May 21. Day three of the event will be broadcast through the Riot Games twitch channel. It is currently unknown if the individual players will be streaming their perspective through the event.

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