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Across Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, dozens of different terms appear that all have various definitions. While some of these terms are self-explanatory, others are not, which causes problems for players trying to complete certain challenges. One term that has caused mass confusion in MW3 is “Multikill,” which is a requirement for various Daily challenges and camos in multiplayer.

The term Multikill has been in Call of Duty for years, but this year it holds extra weight due to the number of various challenges in MW3. Also, it doesn’t help that the terms “Double Kill” and “Triple Kill,” among others, are present in the game as well. If you’re struggling to discern Multkills from other types of kills in multiplayer, don’t worry, as I have a full explanation in the guide below.

Defining a Multikill in MW3

Image via Activision

Essentially, a Multikill is anything from a Double Kill (two kills in quick succession) to a Kill Chain (eight kills in quick succession). That’s right, even though the term Double Kill is used in MW3 and even required for some challenges, there’s really no difference between it and a Multkill. The same goes for Triple Kills, Fury Kills, and so on. So if you see a challenge that requires a Multikill, just know that you only need a Double Kill for it to count toward that challenge.

If you’re going for weapon camos and need a Double Kill or Multikill, though, there are some interesting caveats you should be aware of. If you get a single Double Kill, then that counts as one tick of progression towards the camo. However, if you get a Triple Kill, then that counts as two ticks of progression towards the camo. So if you really want to expedite the camo-grinding process and need Double Kills/Multikills, try and go for as big of a killing spree as possible, as more kills in quick succession grants you more progression towards a camo.

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For the most part, though, you only need to worry about securing Double Kills in MW3, as those count towards Double Kill challenges and Multikill challenges.