How to unlock the Stim in MW3
How to unlock the Stim in MW3
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How to unlock the Stim in MW3

Heal yourself in a pinch

There are over a dozen pieces of tactical equipment available to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. However, one that you will see more of in MW3 is the Stim, which is currently the only way to manually heal yourself.

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The Stim has been a staple in Call of Duty since Black Ops 4, allowing players to choose when they heal themselves by injecting a stimulant that promotes rapid health progression and refreshes Tactical Sprint. It’s been one of the most popular tacticals in multiplayer for years and you can use it in MW3. However, the Stim can’t be unlocked through the traditional level up system.

Instead, you need to take matters into your own hands to unlock the Stim.

Unlocking the Stim in MW3

The Stim can be unlocked in two different ways in MW3. The first is through the Armory Unlock Challenges system, which unlocks for you at character level 25.

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Once you reach level 25, you can access the Armory Unlock Challenges through the challenges menu in the main lobby. Here, you can see different sections of content, including one labeled Equipment. Go to this section and then look for the box with the Stim. While hovering over the Stim’s box, click the “Activate” option and this will now allow you to complete challenges to unlock the Stim.

The Stim is unlocked by completing three Daily Challenges in MW3 while it’s activated. If you have already completed your three Daily Challenges for the day, you can use the Bonus Challenges, which is to simply win a match. Bonus Challenges are only available if all of your Dailies are finished. These challenges can be completed indefinitely and every time you win a match, it acts as a Daily Challenge completion. You will unlock the Stim when you complete three Daily Challenges or a mixture of three Daily and Bonus Challenges.

However, you can also unlock the Stim through Zombies, which I will explain below:

  • Successfully exfil from a Zombies match with the Stim equipped in the tactical equipment slot on your character.
    • You can find the Stim by killing Zombies, enemy AI, and other loot sources in Zombies, such as caches. Once you find it, loot the equipment, head to an exfil point, and successfully leave the match. If you manage to do that, the Stim will automatically unlock for you in MW3 multiplayer.

Zombies is certainly the faster route to go to unlock the Stim, but only if you get lucky and can find the equipment right away during a match. The Armory Unlock Challenges route shouldn’t take you too long either, provided you can win some matches.

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